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When it comes to residential hard money loans, there are many choices open to borrowers. Our residential hard money loans provide you with the fast funding and loan terms that you need to help you reach your real estate goals.

It is the mission of Capstone Financial, to provide a true direct lending platform, offering defined and concise funding parameters you can rely upon for your non-prime residential and commercial funding needs. Our clients enjoy dealing with us as our lending programs are very straight forward and easy to understand.

We provide direct hard money lending for real estate investors who specialize in 1-4 family properties. So, get fast, reliable funding, when you need it. We are the right destination for you to close more transactions and maximize profits. We are fully capitalized and provide a large tariff of loan choices for the residential investor.


We offer residential hard money for following property types:

  • Single Family Residence
  • Condominium
  • Apartment
  • Duplex, Triplex, Quadraplex
  • Fix and Flip or Fix and Hold

As a direct hard money lender, Capstone will process, underwrite and fund all hard money loans in our office. We understand real estate hard money lending and have a proven track record for the same. We have funded many hard money loans with hundreds of satisfied borrowers, brokers and real estate professionals.